• Safe as houses

    These smart cams will help you keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world
    Safe as houses

    Moon by 1-Ring

    Like something from the space race, this webcam (smaller than a tennis ball) hovers in mid-air, suspended there by magnetic fields. Using noise detection, it rotates silently to face the sound – whether that’s someone talking, glass breaking, or perhaps a baby crying. As with other webcams, you can take control via your internet-connected smartphone or PC, but – unlike other cams – it’s battery powered and magnetic, so you can stick it on any metal surface, from lampshades to fridge doors. You may have to wait to get your hands on it though, as it’s still in prototype stage.

    Pan/zoom, 1080p max video, infrared night vision, cloud recording, microSD slot, WiFi/Bluetooth

    R4 000

    Yale Home View PTZ

    The Yale brand is already synonymous with home security (specifically door locks). Now it’s extended its offerings to include smart security cameras. This motorised high-definition camera, controlled by Yale’s free smartphone app, allows you to monitor your home by panning from side to side, tilting your view up and down, and even zooming in. Set-up is simple: Connect the camera to your home WiFi, then adjust the settings via your phone.

    Pan/tilt/zoom, 720p max video, infrared night vision, microSD slot, WiFi

    R2 249

    Homeguard HGWIP812

    By controlling this camera via the smartphone app, you can swivel your view through 300° and tilt up and down through 60° – from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. Its infrared sensors allow you to monitor your premises, even at
    night, by producing a high-contrast black-and-white video stream. Full high-definition video can be recorded on the camera’s memory card, or sent directly to your phone.

    Pan/tilt/zoom, 1080p max video, infrared night vision, microSD slot, WiFi

    R1 700

    All top-end webcams have two-way audio, so you can video-chat with your family – or threaten would-be burglars

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